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Developing and qualifying a new nuclear fuel requires manifold efforts at many working areas. Start with identifying a suitable fuel, optimize its irradiation behaviour to meet qualification requirements, R&D of an industrially viable manufacturing process, research back-end possibilities and many more...

icon U-Mo

Uranium-Molybednum, is our choice for the new fuel. It comes in two flavours, as dispersion and as monolithic fuel. We're looking into both to ensure we get maximum performance, reliability and efficiency.


Irradiation physics of Uranium-Molybdenum is a complex matter. With appropriate fuel engineering, irradiation stability was already more than doubled. And we have the ideas necessary to make UMo perform as we need.


Classic research reactor fuels are mostly ceramic fuels with low chemical Uranium density. Uranium-Molybdenum is metallic and has a high chemical density. Uncharted waters, also for the manufacturing.